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Bermuda is a 21-square mile island located in the North Atlantic Ocean 650 miles (1,046 kilometers) east of North Carolina.


Bermuda is located just two hours from most east coast gateways. There are direct flights from New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, Toronto and London. Visit this site for links to airlines that have direct flights to Bermuda.

In order to give you the flexibility to plan your own itinerary, flights are not included in Runaway packages. We suggest you check flight availability before booking your Runaway tour.

Hotels are not included, again to give you the flexibility to choose the accommodation that suits your preferences and your budget best. We have negotiated special rates with our recommended hotels partners for Runaway runners that will be quoted on booking.

During the winter months, temperatures average 70°F (21°C) which make for great running conditions. Sometimes you get a wet week in the winter followed by a week of glorious sunshine – it all depends. But thanks to the gulf stream, you’ll never see snow or frost in Bermuda.

From June through mid-October, temperatures range between 75°F and 85°F (23°C and 29°C) with high humidity. Local runners tend to ease off their training during these months, focusing on swimming and biking. For more about what to expect from Bermuda seasons, click here.

We run, rain or shine so be prepared for all conditions. The only exception is a hurricane or other extreme storm – we will not run either before, during or immediately after such an event and will only run when it is safe to do so. Bermuda’s hurricane season lasts from June 1 to November 30 and so it is unlikely you will encounter one during your stay. However, see our hurricane policy for what to do if your vacation is impacted by a hurricane.

Bermuda is mostly t-shirt and shorts weather but temperatures can be cooler in the winter months. Pack a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen for the sunnier days and light, long-sleeved outerwear for the cooler ones. You will run on road, dirt trails and beach and so regular running shoes are suitable for those terrains. Other accessories you might find useful include a running belt, i-phone band for photos and water bottle. Water and snacks will be available both before and after your run but you should bring your own water during the run. Gloves or scarves are not necessary; nor is reflector gear as you will run during daylight hours – although wearing bright colors is a good idea to maximize visibility on Bermuda’s busy roads.

Don’t bring valuables with your on your run, such as cash or i-phone, unless you plan to run with them.

We don’t recommend running after dark in Bermuda as the roads are narrow and sidewalks are not always available. If you do decide to however, reflectors and running lights are essential.

Bermuda is known for its tough hills but is not mountainous. At Runaway Bermuda many of our routes follow the Bermuda Railway Trail – a former railway track that stretches from one end of the Island to the other. As a result most of our routes are fairly flat and you won’t encounter many hills.

Our running trails average between 6-8 miles so you need to be able to run 6 miles comfortably. On our “run, relax” tours we make stops to show you points of interest and give you a chance to take pictures as you go. On our “run, perform” packages the focus is more on training but there are still opportunities to stop if you wish.

There will always be two guides to accompany you – one at the front and one at the rear of the group so you won’t be left behind. They will be equipped with water, energy bars and first aid kits. If you sustain an injury or wish to end the run early, our transportation service will pick you up.

There are maximum ten runners per group although we can accommodate more if you book as a larger running group.

There’s plenty to do in Bermuda whatever time of year you visit. Check out our activities and restaurants pages on our website or see our blog for regular updates on current events. For further inspiration, take a look at this interactive map or visit these sites: